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4 Reasons Why Weaving is Cool Again


1. Its a unique form of art

Weaving can make the same impact to a space as a painting or photo, full of colour and texture, its a great statement piece. Its a warm way to add sizzle to a room, made with wool generally, but with more modern takes on the form the materials vary. Plus, its cheaper than a lot of other forms of art! 

2. Macramé!

Yes, macramé needs an exclamation point, the things that people are doing with macramé these days is incredibly creative. Its a looser knit which adds intrigue its most commonly in one solid colour, making it easy to match a space. Its not just for old people anymore, its boho-chic! 

3. You can make it yourself

Looking for a new hobby? enjoy soft stuff? like being productive while watching tv? Weaving is the activity for you! Its not that difficult to learn, but it is time consuming, which makes it a good multitasking activity. The great part about making art is you can watch your progress as you go, and then when you're done you have something pretty. Its a win, win situation really. 

Maryanne Moodie is an amazing weaver that also teaches lessons. She sells packages online so you can teach yourself or, if you're lucky she's hosting a workshop in your city in the near future. Maryanne is a big reason that weaving is becoming a more popular art form again, bringing her eco-friendly approach and personal touch. 

4. Yarn comes in so many colours

Colour is fun and beautiful, and you get to choose them all yourself! You can plan it out or make it up as you go, its a great creative outlet.

Art and writing by: Heather Mollenhauer

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