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12 of the Most Picturesque Cafés in Toronto

Wether you're looking for a place to get some work done, a quick coffee fix, to get together with friends or maybe even meet that person from the internet in real life, cafés are a great resource for your run of the mill Torontonian. And lucky for us, we've got a lot of them. 

These are the cutest and most picturesque cafés in Toronto as told by the Instagram account of Love the Design. These pictures are from her day to day activities, narrating the story of her love of caffeine. 

1. Pantry

Pantry is a new spot on Yonge St. by Rosedale station, and is the newest addition to the Food Dude's city takeover. The slick, minimalist design, great location and yummy food make this place a no-brainer.  

Screen Shot 2016-11-01 at 1.23.12 PM.png

2. Baddies

Landsdowne never looked so good. Baddies is relatively new spot, but the place is taking off. With custom Candice Kaye Design Wallpaper this place has a completely unique look, bringing Bondi Beach to Toronto. It's relaxed vibe is expressed through both style and the warm, welcoming personalities of the owners and staff.  Plus, they have both vegan and non-vegan options, so you finally have a place where you and your vegan friends can go and both actually enjoy. 

3. Rooster Coffee House

By Bloor and Church St. Rooster Coffee House has a cozy, yet sophisticated feel. With rich detailing and a dang good cup of coffee, just trust us when we say to check it out.  

4. Mercat DEL Carmen

Both beautiful and rich through and through. Mercat DEL Carmen is a one of a kind with friendly staff and an exotic touch, you won't have a bad experience. Trinity Bellwods now has a spanish gem in amongst its charming neighbourhood.  

5. Colette Grand Café 

Bright and light, this café is a great spot for a croissant and a cup of coffee. Embodying a French style, Collette pulls through on both decor and menu. If you are looking for a place that you can also order a meal, theres a full menu to choose from. 

6. Boxcar Social

This is the second location of Boxcar Social and the vibe definitely carries over from the first. With a little bit more space, this location has more of an open concept layout, with the same rustic aesthetic. You'll feel cool just walking in.  

7. Hastings Snack Bar

This small spot is packed full of family charm. With a home cooked Polish style menu and a small seating area, you'll be lucky to find room. Whether you're there for a quick coffee or a full lunch, you'll be satisfied when you leave. Plus, its connected to a barber, adding a modern and youthful spin.  


Their goal is to relate to people through food and, man, do they succeed. This bustling spot is dedicated to their coffee. They have a monthly rotation of local and international roasters and they offer a selection of different brewing methods. Simple, devoted, good.  

9. Crafted

This cute coffee shop on Ossington was actually a collaborative design between us and Love the Design, so no wonder we love it so much! With LTD's art wall and the natural details, you feel like you're sitting in a really well designed living room full of really interesting people. How could you say no? 

10. Sweet Jesus

Best known for it's Instagram famous ice cream, Sweet Jesus is a great on the go coffee stop. If you're in a rush, go while the kiddies are in school or you'll get stuck in a line up of adolescents waiting to get the perfect angle to prove to all of their friends that they're cool because they consume way too much sugar. If you're looking to appease your sweet tooth, but don't want to go into a sugar induced coma, try their hot chocolate. It has their over the top branding with chocolate whip cream, but isn't too overwhelming. 

11. Sorry

Sorry is located in Yorkville, in the back of Kit and Ace. They carry over the same look with brass touches and white textures, giving you a calm but funky place for your regular cup of joe. 

12. Maman

This NYC based café and event space is girly and slightly whimsical. With Candice Kaye Design's covering their cups to their walls, everywhere you look is an eyeful of pretty. Their pastries, snacks and beverages are so tasty it won't be long before you're coming back for more. 

Art and writing by: Heather Mollenhauer 

Content from: https://www.instagram.com/lovethedesign