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5 Home Office Tips

1. Express your personality

Girls and boys, express yo self! Through art, plants, photos, sculptures, figurines, books, you name it. This is a space you're going to be spending a lot of time in because as we all know, time is money. So, you might as well love it! Create an environment you enjoy being in, somewhere that echo's who you are. 

2. Have space

You need room! People have a lot of crap, a lot more than they like to admit to themselves when they are designing their homes and offices. I promise you you'll need lots of desk space and open shelves. Drawers are good, but people like to be able to see the things they are working on, even when they're not working on them.

3. Feel inspired

Okay here we're combining your expressing your personality and having the space to see what you're working on. Whether its through mood boards, quotes, fabric swatches or whatever inspires you, put it somewhere you can see it. This will make it easier to reference and keep you motivated to get the project done. 

4. Be comfortable

Be realistic about furniture and accessory choices. If the chair looks cool, but hurts your back when you sit in it for more than 5 minutes, keep looking. Its worth the extra time to find what works for you. Also keep in mind other activities you might want to do in your space, like read or hold meetings. For these activities to take place you'll want to have a practical and inviting setup.

5. Have light

The more natural light the better! If you don't have access to lots of natural light, artificial will do the trick as well. It will help reduce headaches, stress and help you realize time is passing in the world outside of your office.