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tis almost the season...yay!

With Christmas just around the corner its time to start getting into the holiday spirit! Before you start hanging mistletoe and trimming the tree, here are a few tips and inspirational photos, to layering in some Christmas décor around your house before the main event. 

fresh winter flowers .jpg

fresh flowers

bringing the outdoors in...

Yes fresh flowers are just as pretty to have around your house during the colder months. Instead of having bright arrangements start adding in cooler or warmer tones, (depending on your style) Bring in natural elements from outside, like long sticks, leaves and pinecones. Some of our favourite are cotton steams, birch, scotch pine and layland cypress branches. 


first impressions


the new new...

We love a modern take on the classic charm of Christmas, and what a better way to try it out then with a wreath! Its a small décor element that allows you to play around with different types of greenery. If you want to start smaller just add in new branches into your classic Douglas fir or evergreen wreath. Some of our favourties are boxwood, rosemary, layland cypress and eucalyptus. 

As it gets closer to the holidays add in some festive spirit to your wreath with bows, ribbon, bells, pinecones and lights! 




urns 2.jpg

outdoor urns


the bushier the better...

Urns are an easy way to get into festive décor spirit. They also last pretty much all winter long! They look great when they are full of lots of greenery and tall bare branches. You can really beef up any urn by adding lots of evergreen, fraser fir, scotch and white pine branches.

To create a more Christmas-y urn, add in seasonal embellishments like pinecones, lights and even ornaments give it that holiday feel! 

garland 2.jpg

indoor garlands

a little something different...

Garlands no longer belong outside on your front porch and they also no longer have to be one long strand of greenery. This new take on a garland is fun and modern and can really go anywhere in your home. It definitely still has that Christmas-y charm that we love! 

Art + Writing: Meg Rider

Content sourced via Pinterest

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