3 Artists we are Loving Right Now

Maureen O'Connor

Maureen is a photographer that highlights architecture and still life. She researches to find and explore abandoned buildings as both her subject and landscape. To add an unanticipated twist she includes live animals, creating both drama and a little bit of tension. The somewhat odd combination helps to express the fragility of existence, both from a natural and urban standpoint. She works in film which adds great depth to the pieces.  

Lana Filippone

Lana is a sculpter from Toronto with a very whimsical touch. Her details are out of this world. Every piece is full of purpose, telling a story at a single glance. She is a relatively new artist and we can't wait to see what she comes up with next! Her work is incredibly realistic because she uses a combination of sculpting methods during production. For the super detailed, realistic  component, she creates a mold around an existing object. From there, she uses the mold to create pieces of the work. The rest is made and attached by hand, then hand painted. Its the combination of abstract and realistic that makes her art stand out. I can't get enough! 

Gary Malin

I'm sure you've seen Gary Malin's work on a phone case or water bottle, every brand wants a piece of him. His photography is unexpected, unique and full of excitement. Each collection is different from the next, his mind must be a wonderful and crazy place. You can order his pieces online in a large variety of sizes, so they're easy to purchase from home. Gary is super prolific, with tons of collections created all over the world. 

Art and writing by: Heather Mollenhauer

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