Instagram Stars of the Week

eberjey and mimi

Here are our Top 2 favourite Instagram accounts of the week! 

Social media is full of possible inspiration, but there are just so many people to sift through. We are going to share two of our favourites once a week. Accounts made by people all over the world on a variety of different passions. We want to share with you what excites us, and we hope that it sparks something in you too. 


"the layer worn next to the heart should express happiness, love and confidence­ all the things that make a woman truly beautiful", is the belief that inspired the lingerie line and now lifestyle brand, Eberjey. Its made for real women to make them feel good, by being both comfortable, soft, pretty and flattering. Eberjey has spirit, their clothes are more than just clothes, its about embracing who you are and enjoying the little things in life. Their Instagram feed also reflects this energy with feminine photos of their product and the lifestyle they represent. 

Mimi Elashiry

Mimi Elashiry is a Sydney based model that is part hippie, part gypsy and part girl you want to be best friends with. Her posts are fun, cute and express her unique personality so well you feel like you should know her. A few of her interests include: including dancing, beaching, eating a variety of plants, traveling with her model and boyfriend and hanging out with her adorable dog. She's successful so she must work very hard, but from her Instagram, man she looks like she's living the life. 

Art and writing by: Heather Mollenhauer

Please comment below if you have any Instagram Accounts we should check out! We love to hear your thoughts and opinions. 

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