Instagram Stars of the Week

chiara and mija mija

Here are our Top 2 favourite Instagram accounts of the week! 

Social media is full of possible inspiration, but there are just so many people to sift through. We are going to share two of our favourites once a week. Accounts made by people all over the world on a variety of different passions. We want to share with you what excites us, and we hope that it sparks something in you too. 

Mija Mija

Mija is a California based blogger, born and raised in Munich. She makes style her own, expressing personality through relaxed and minimalistic images. Before making a career from her fashion blog, Mija was a self-employed media designer and and art director in her own studio. Clearly she has chops. Black, white and green swirl through her feed, keeping it unified and pleasing to look at. 

Chiara Ferragni

Chiara Ferragni is an Italian fashion designer and blogger, whom is the creator of The Blonde Salad. She started expressing herself through The Blonde Salad, the blog, in 2009. Now, she has built it up into a company that collaborates with designers and brands, giving them her own twist. Her account is full of photos of her wearing the most interesting and gush-worthy outfits. Eclectic and modern, every ensemble tells a story. 

Written by: Heather Mollenhauer

Please comment below if you have any Instagram Accounts we should check out! We love to hear your thoughts and opinions. 

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