Instagram Stars of the Week

Here are our Top 2 favourite Instagram accounts of the week! 

Social media is full of possible inspiration, but there are just so many people to sift through. We are going to share two of our favourites once a week. Accounts made by people all over the world on a variety of different passions. We want to share with you what excites us, and we hope that it sparks something in you too. 

Hope and May

This Instagram account is for a retail store located in Byron Bay, Australia. Their white and straw, minimalistic aesthetic doesn't get old. You will feel more laid back just looking at their photos, but they will also give you a very strong urge to book a beach vacation, pronto. They feature their product in some of their photos, but the majority of their feed is pictures that represent the lifestyle they embody.  

Margot and Me

Margot is Jenny Cipoletti's pet White Frenchie. Margot and Me the blog, was started in 2014 featuring Jenny's feminine style. Based out of LA, the self-titled 'Internet Darling' shares her fashion and lifestyle preferences through photos of her fabulous life of travel and doing other aesthetically pleasing activities. Romantic, chic, preppy, sophisticated, playful, and classic with a twist are just a few descriptions of what you will see on her beautiful feed. 

Art and writing by: Heather Mollenhauer

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